Cutie Cookie!

If you’re a single guy looking for a partner, get a dog and parade him/her all over town.

Of course, it helps if your baby is as cute as Giff’s corgi (and not anything like this):

Meet the new becky! @geepyo's new corgi is too cute! #corgi

A post shared by Tatin Yang (@tatiny) on

After a long wait, Giff got her yesterday morning and that afternoon, he invited us to her christening—that is deciding on the name of his baby. He was choosing between Chloe and Tatiana, although Pam and Jill were hell-bent on Twinky. (I didn’t like Twinky because the name reminds me of a local journalist, not that I have anything against her.) Eventually, Giff chose Cookie, which we all liked. Thus, her full name is:

Princess Cookie Dough Sofia Tatiana Beki-Mae Ricarte


Anyway, going back to my point (rest assured there is one), cuties like Cookie easily attract people’s attention. (Mostly girls’, so if you’re a guy or a lesbian, this is the best way to easily make a connection without being creepy.) They attract hot guys too, but not as much.

I saw this phenomenon myself last month, when Tatin brought Tank along to a cookout event in Rockwell:

Partida, di pa sya naka-costume no’n.

Everyone, as in EVERYONE, flocked to him like he was the messiah. One becky offered to babysit him. Two glamorous ladies took a photo with him and gave him pâté, which apparently, is what their dog eats for breakfast (#youalready). Boys huddled around him. I’ve never felt so invisible in my life, lol!

Yesterday, the two-month old Cookie was still a bit dazed and sleepy, so she didn’t put strangers in as much frenzy, though she still got fawned over by a number of people. I can tell she’ll be an attraction herself once she starts to become frisky and bounce about; besides, corgis aren’t a usual sight in this part of town. (Tank was with us too, so we drew a mental scorecard: +1 point for every guy the doggies attract; -1 for every girl, haha! I think both eventually ended up with negative points, lol.)

So there you go, a dating tip! Though of course, you don’t get a dog just so you can meet guys/girls; you can borrow them instead, haha!


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