Enchanted Kingdom’s egg smasher

Balibago Road, before the turn to Enchanted Kingdom

Balibago Road, before the turn to Enchanted Kingdom

It may have been close to 10 years since I’ve been in Enchanted Kingdom. I remember because I think it was around the time I entered the corporate world; I was so stressed and the trip was a much-needed break from work.

That was a weekday and we practically had the place to ourselves. This time, February 1, Saturday, we still had the place to ourselves too—along with 20 percent of the population. There must have been 50 buses on the parking lot alone—all filled with smelly, rowdy, and noisy kids. (“Who goes on an academic field trip to an amusement park?!” said me, who enjoyed his own school field trip to EK during his time. Giff reminded me that had to submit a paper on physics, which of course, I don’t remember at all.)

Oh well. My friends and I each paid the weekend rate of P600 and forged through.

The park was like Quiapo on a Friday. Despite the crowd, it was amazing for me to have bumped into Dee, who was taking photos of his nephew, who was flexing his biceps. (Naturally, I spotted the biceps before them.) There were lines everywhere—even the queue for Dairy Queen stretched for 20 minutes.

Lines for the rides were worse: we had to wait for over an hour to get into any of them. Giff was smart enough to bring a book, while the rest of us tried in vain to get a decent 3G signal. It wasn’t until an hour before the closing time of 9pm that queues became shorter—much short, particularly for the Extreme Drop Tower (not our vid):

I had to muster courage for this one. I couldn’t even tell which was scarier: the slow ride going up 120 feet, or that intense 75km/hr drop in two seconds. I was humming the appropriately titled ‘Let It Go’ while we were ascending; I’ve no doubt the girl beside me found me weird for a grown man.

I wasn’t ready for the drop: your body actually remains midair while the brace pulls you down to the ground. The result: your body slams onto the plastic seat at full stop. In my case, my eggs bore the brunt of the force—I’m amazed I was able to walk out of that ride without limping. I’m even more amazed by my strong eggs, lol.

Okay, so I guess either the ride or the eggs is worth a school report on physics or biology.

As always, the Raging Rapids did not disappoint—my last visit had been too long I forgot that the one seated with his back to the water was likely to get wet the most *raises hand*. My pants and underwear were wet until I got home three hours later, but I thought the fun was worth it.

Dragon Dance

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