Peacock rubber stamp by Mitzi

This morning, I got a surprise on my desk:


My first thoughts were: a) surely, this is a post-Valentine’s gift, and b) ohmygad, could this be an engagement ring from my long-time crush who happened to have found where I work???

The answer was: c) It’s a peacock rubber stamp from Mitzi! Lol.

You may remember Mitzi from my earlier post, Instagram Buy: Handcrafted Rubber Stamps. I may have to keep on dreaming re: engagement ring, but this truly made me happy. Don’t you just love unexpected gifts? If surprise presents keep on popping up on our desks from time to time, this world would be a happier place. (That’s an idea: give a gift, just because.)

This wasn’t a total surprise though. Last month, I showed Mitzi my thank-you peacock note card and threw around ideas with her: make it a stamp, or a shirt and tote bag print. You see, I’ve learned to love peacocks. If I were in Hogwarts, my patronus would surely be a peacock, with its feathers spiraling in frozen fractals all around, if I may quote Frozen, haha!

Peacock thank you note card

And now I have this:

I love it and I can’t wait to use it for my stationery! Thanks again, Mitzi!

If you’d like a rubber stamp of your own design, contact Mitzi at +63 917 555 6720. Her Instagram account is: mitzivillanueva.


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