Instagram snapshots #1

It took me a while to warm up to Instagram. I’ve been a member for about a year (I guess), but it’s only been recently that I’ve been posting regularly.

I thought I’d share a few notes about the images I’ve taken recently:




This was taken by Jill at the patio of Hysan Place in Central, Hong Kong. While searching for a Dr. Marten’s store, we saw directions to a “sky garden” and we got so excited that we followed it. Our first reaction was “meh,” although I did manage to get this shot and Jill, this #ootd with Giff. (Though we joked that we could only do two #ootd photos for the entire trip because we would be repeating coats and jackets for the next two days, haha!)

Jill gunned for a spontaneous shot, but I hammed it up just before she clicked. I have to say my legs do look amazing in this shot, as the Instagram comments noted, lol. I guess you can’t go wrong with skinny jeans and boots.

The Peak


At 19, Hong Kong was the first country I visited, and so its skyline will always hold a special place in my heart. (Even Tsim Sha Tsui still makes my heart flutter, weird as it may sound.) I requested that we include The Peak in our itinerary as I missed going there in 2010 and I would’ve missed it a second time if not for the valiant and generous efforts of my friends, who were already extremely tired that day but didn’t want to let me down. ❤

The result: the funniest conversation we’ve had involving Ben Chan, massages, and a 10km marathon. In fact, I teared up from laughter when I remembered our conversation last week while I was in the shower.


Pasig River skyline, #nofilter


In my heart though, nothing beats the Manila skyline, especially one that is painted by nature. This one was taken along Pasig River, and aside from exposure adjustments, this photo was relatively untouched. (On a related note, while there are now plans to revive the ferry service, I don’t understand why a) they’re doing it just now; and b) why they are only planning to use three boats that can carry 40 passengers. With the horrible traffic we are experiencing, you’d think the government would make more use of alternative transportation and thoroughfares.)




This was on the morning I decided to walk from my home to the office (about 2.8km) as if I had all the time in the world. This also made it to VSCO’s grid! I tried to capture the those who were fishing as well as the birds hovering over the water, but this photo, I felt, was the most uncharacteristic image of Pasig River as we’ve known it.


Coco, the evil Pomeranian


I want a Pomeranian!!! Coco is the dog of Tatin’s dad. At first, I kind of hated him because he barked nonstop, but he eventually won me over because of his vanity, lol. As Pam discovered, Coco knows how to pose for a selfie!

* * * *

All photos were taken by my favorite photography app, VSCO Cam.


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