App review: Muzei

Thought I’d do a quick review of this wallpaper app…

If like me, you get easily bored with your mobile wallpaper (one major reason I don’t think I can get a tattoo), then consider Muzei, which changes your wallpaper to different classical paintings daily.


Today, I got Gustav Klimt’s Medicine:



This is a great way to learn more about and discover new paintings and artists. When you click the app’s shortcut, you get a link to the featured painting’s wiki entry.

Muzei (3)


I’m more familiar with Klimt’s work, The Kiss, and justifiaby so: Medicine, along with two other paintings, Philosophy and Jurisprudence, were commissioned by the University of Vienna only to be banned for being ‘pornographic.’ It was later destroyed by the Germans during World War II. What remains is only part of the painting’s photograph.


There are days when the featured paintings are too dark for my liking, so you may also opt to change the wallpaper into your own photos. There’s also a brightness and dim settings for when the painting clashes with your app icons and widgets.


Muzei is a transliteration of the Russian word музей, which means ‘museum.’

Google Play link



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