It’s not mercury retrograde and yet, my following gadgets are broken:

  • iPad
  • camera
  • table lamp
  • coffee maker

I almost went nuts when, on Thursday, I tried to wipe off the dirt on my TV screen  only to discover they were dead pixels.

I let out a sigh of Zen resignation and turned off the TV.

The next night, I turned on the TV again and the spots were still there. I switched channels and I squinted in case my eyes were playing tricks on me: the spots were gone. I returned to the previous channel (it was Star World), and the spots returned again. I flicked through different channels; the problem seemed confined to Star World which was weird. (Though at times, it looked normal there, too.)

For now, I consider the TV a non-problem.

* * * *

I don’t think I can afford to have children.

* * * *

Where do poor men and women get the courage to birth one child, much more seven children as is usually the case?

* * * *

MJ Lastimosa wins Bb Pilipinas – Universe. If you’re following my tweets, you’d know I’m not a fan. But then, I wasn’t a fan of Janine and Ara either, at least not until the Miss Universe preliminaries.

There were hardly any boo boos in the Q&A, except for grammar mishaps and your formulaic inner beauty quips. Most of the questions inquired about the innate Filipino character we are proudest and most answered that it was our “confidence.” Though based on the way we react to a foreigner’s dislike for our country, I’m not so sure we are as confident as we think we are.

I think resilient is the trait we, as a country, can ultimately lay claim to, though admittedly, it has its negative connotations.


Resilient would also describe MJ, who has joined the pageant thrice, each time appearing with a slightly different and improved face.

But none was worse than the candidate who was asked what was she willing to sacrifice in order to win. The answer: her shoes because, as she explained, it was hard to find one her size.

I wish she answered “sex” and went on to win.



One thought on “

  1. melvel79 says:

    Apparently, the girl who answered “shoes” was a shoe designer (has her own shoe business). So that’s probably what she meant to give up, but because the people watching had no context of what she probably meant, her answer sounded shallow and funny.


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