Still on it

Colored my hair last week while watching Bb Pilipinas because I’m butch like that 😀 . It’s lighter than I would’ve wanted, especially when the light hits my head, but I guess I’ll just have to grow it out; I’m still on my quest to having longish hair.


Signature and obligatory dressing room pose

I used Etude’s bubble hair color in natural brown. It works in the sense that your hair color does look the same as the model’s on the box (since I have dark hair, I’m used to having a darker result), though I had it on for close to two hours 😛 . Since you mix it into a foam, it’s easier to distribute it through your hair—no drips!

* * * *

Photo above is taken inside the dressing room of Old Navy, which includes these cute hooks:

Old Navy hooks


The price at the shop is pretty good; almost the same as Uniqlo. I’m on the lookout for navy pants because my sole pair has these two parallel runs  on the buttocks that are about an inch long—it’s like two long fingernails slashed them vertically. I don’t know how I got them and I find it weird.

Anyway, ironically, Old Navy only has one style of navy pants, the slim cut. (“But your name says naaavy!!!“) Also, it has huge floors for women and children, while the men’s section looks more like an afterthought.



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