The latest hot spot: Magnum Manila

Magnum brand manager Brian Chanyungco dropped by our table looking just a bit harried, with speckles of chocolate still on his plastic gloves like a Jackson Pollock painting. It was the second day of the official opening of Magnum Manila, the offshoot restaurant of the luxe ice cream brand that was once endorsed by Karl Lagerfeld, and Brian had been preparing some of the dishes all night. Nevertheless, there was excitement in his voice. “The line started forming as early as 9:30 a.m.,” he told our group about their opening day. By noon, they had served more than 500 people.

The queue, it seemed, hadn’t ebbed. On its second day at 8 p.m., or two hours before closing time, the place was still crowded.

The main draw is the ‘Make My Magnum’ bar. For P100, you get to whip up your own Magnum creation:

  1. You select between vanilla and chocolate for your bar.
  2. Choose three from 18 toppings, which include almonds, crushed Oreos, chili flakes, honeycomb, parmesan popcorn, potato chips, and quezo de bola shavings. To add, you may request a dash of sea salt.
  3. Then dunk it among these Belgian chocolate dips: white, dark, or gold.
  4. Add a drizzle of more Belgian chocolate, same as the preceding choices.

Et voila!

Mine was perfect. I don’t think I’ll ever change it when we return, save for minor edits.

My choices were: a vanilla bar dipped in dark chocolate; topped with chili flakes, quezo de bola shavings, and gold chocolate nuggets with a sprinkle of sea salt; and drizzled with their limited edition gold Magnum liquid.

This is the ice cream version of our much hallowed Mexican corn!!!

“This is actually how the Mayans did their chocolate,” Brian shared, referring to the chili-choco combo. “Very dark, with no sugar.”

We also got to try selections from their dessert menu:

Pink Friday - Magnum

Pink Friday
Strawberry marbled cheesecake on a bed of Speculoos tea cookies, sprinkled with strawberry Nerds. Creamy and rich, I find this the most decadent among the dishes.


Rainbow Dream - Magnum

Rainbow Dream
Cream cheese rainbow cake topped with a vanilla Magnum bar dipped in white chocolate. The cake was dry but this still ended up as my favorite because it was the least aggressive in terms of sweetness.


Death by Chocolate - Magnum

Death by Chocolate
Dark chocolate lava cake with brownies and chocolate ‘crispearls.’ This may be my second favorite: so rich-looking (and photogenic), and I think, the most ‘somber’ of the lot. It has that brooding and sexy character, 😀 .


Magnum Apple Pie

Magnum Apple Pie
Vanilla Magnum in caramel sauce with warm apple pie, apple mash, pistachios, and whipped cream. One of the favorites of the group.


Our bill amounted to P1,500+ for our party of six.

Magnum Manila will soon offer entrées, and based on Pam’s raves (she attended the press preview), we have even more reasons to return.

Magnum Manila
5/F Sky Park
SM Aura
McKinley Parkway corner 26th St.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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