DIY: How to make your own body scrub

Yesterday, as I was about to dump my used coffee ground into the bin, I had an idea: why not use it to make a DIY body scrub? I immediately put it in a bowl, added jasmine paste and body oil, and voila: a DIY body scrub.

coffee body scrub


Later, I added shower gel to help with cleansing and next time, I’ll add a dash of cinnamon, which is an excellent idea from Free People—I cannot wait!

I love the smell of coffee and to smell it all over me was nothing short of religious. I used French-press ground so it’s coarser than your usual grind which is how I like it; I didn’t need to scrub hard except for the skin on my elbows and knees. As I rinsed off, my skin was as smooth as silk; it had never felt that good, I couldn’t stop touching myself! (Okay, that sounded kind of wrong, lol.)

Once done, I spritzed myself with body oil in case I rubbed myself raw. An hour after my shower, I could still smell the coffee on my skin, which is really sexy 😉 .

And that’s it—a spa experience without hurting your wallet! You can also make it your own by adding your preferred ingredients: coconut oil, muscovado sugar, honey, vanilla extract, or other essential oils—the sky’s the limit!





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