Murphy’s Law

I’ve been eerily quiet, haven’t I? I haven’t had any Instagram and Facebook posts, I’ve barely penned tweets, and sadly, after a prolific run, I’ve written no blog entries in more than a week. Lest you think I was making a Lenten sacrifice—not that anything is wrong with that—I’ve been the victim of an impromptu mercury retrograde (I doubt even Susan Miller could’ve predicted that.) Aside from the roster of broken gadgets I listed three weeks ago, there has been a new addition: my mobile phone! Some time last week, I came home, plugged it to my charger, and it just won’t work. I’ve tried various cables and plugs, so I knew it was the phone’s battery that stopped working.

I transferred my micro SIM to my iPad, which still works to some degree. The next day, I was about to remove it and transfer it to a borrowed iPhone so I can activate the mobile number for my iPad, but the SIM tray won’t budge; I couldn’t open it.

If you have a SIM which you cut your own, consider it a warning: never insert it into an iPhone or iPad unless you want it to get stuck. Apparently, this is a common issue.

So, <sarcasm>yay</sarcasm>!!! Even my SIM got the mercury retrograde treatment! Which means I haven’t received any text message for eight days now. Which means I bought a prepaid SIM and which means I’ve been using a phone that I’ve been really proud to show around:

Nokia something
Yes, those are glitters. LOL. This is my mom’s old phone. It has a sunflower wallpaper. And .MIDI ringtones, haha!

 Colleague: How can you even take Instagram photos? Oh. That doesn’t even have Instagram.

Buuuurn, haha! My co-workers even joked I should write a phone review, and you know what? Maybe I would! 😀


* * * * *

My phone is in the service center, but at the same time, I’m thinking if I should buy a new phone. My contract with Globe ended in December and maybe I should even switch networks. The thing is, none of the current models entice me, save for the Nexus 5, but based on reviews and experience with the Nexus 4, I already have an idea on how frustrating the camera would be.

I appreciate the iPhone 5s’s build and design the best, but after experiencing Android, I’m apprehensive about going back to iOS. And I only want stock Android, so I’m not too keen on the Samsung Galaxy S5 either, aside from its terribly unsophisticated build and design (says the glittering phone-carrying blogger, lol). The other nicely designed phone in my opinion is the HTC One M8, but none of the local carriers is carrying it yet.

Well besides, I do still have a phone, albeit out of commission for now. Which made me think: when did you last have a broken item repaired, instead of buying a replacement? Aside from my patched-up jeans, I can no longer remember the last time I practiced restraint in this regard.




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