How to lose your belly in less than 10 ways

Just two, actually.

A few days away from my trip to the beach, I would joke to my friends in the office that I was watching my diet to achieve a “beach-ready body.” But truth be told, I started my resolution back in February and it wasn’t necessarily because I was going shirtless on the beach. It really was this:


Why, hello there, gut. This was taken in January. It then reappeared in a couple of other photos and of course, there was that assessment from the doctor during my annual physical exam.

I knew I had to take action and so right after seeing the last of my gut photos in February, I decided to start my regimen, which is super simple: 1) alternate between my 100 push ups program and 7-minute workout on weekdays (my crunches is only 30 seconds per week); and 2) eat healthy—no processed food or artificial drinks. I never counted calories, discarded starch and sugar completely, or stuck with certain food types, although I did limit my rice intake to just 1/4 of my plate (1/4 main course and 1/2 vegetables make the rest), as I learned from the Century Tuna meal plan (which I learned about via this article on Anne Curtis) during the last month. I had to forgo chips, sodas, spam, bacon, cheese, full milk (just soya milk from then on), McDonald’s and Jollibee, though God knows there were moments of weaknesses but they were so few and far between. I also started drinking lemongrass (tanglad) tea to detox. (Wait, these are more than 10 ways, lol.) And I didn’t have to do any gym time, though I’m sure that will do even more wonders for me.

Initially, I was apprehensive about eating less (aside from rice, I had to discard drinking cartons and cartons of Chuckie, which was my post-exercise drink) because I was trying to gain weight and build muscle (which explains the belly; in gym terms, this is called dirty bulking.) True enough, after a month, I could feel the looser fit of my shirts and polos, my 32-inch pants started to sit on my hipbone instead of hugging my waistline, and later on the beach, I could actually go shirtless and not hold my breath at the same time.


Just to gratify the self-deprecating side of me, there are no hardcore cuts or even a ‘pack to speak of and I could still pinch a couple of inches of fat, but it’s a decent loss for less than 3 months :-D.


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