Smoked Salmon Florentine from Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean: Smoked Salmon Florentine

Smoked salmon and poached eggs on garlic sautéed spinach, covered with hollandaise sauce (served with mixed fruits), P345

It’s rare that I get to be up and about on a weekend and find myself in a mall a little past opening time—and ergo, have excellent breakfast choices. (Otherwise, I’d be out of bed drinking lemongrass tea and Yakult and starve myself until lunch or even merienda.)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store at the East Wing of ShangriLa Mall has a waiting staff, meaning it’s not a self-service coffee shop as with its other branches. It also has an indie-hipster playlist, and with the background buzz of other patrons, it makes for a good soundtrack as you keep yourself busy with your phone or a book.

Coffee Bean’s breakfast menu comes with either large brewed coffee or tea. When my order arrived, I couldn’t help but be in rapture over how it was beautifully presented—I just had to let my inner Marlowe come out:

“Smoked Salmon Florentine from Coffee Bean has the loveliest poached eggs I’ve seen.”

I know. Hand me the Nobel Prize in Literature.

It tasted good as it looks—I like the creamy, cheesy texture of the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, together with the spinach. I especially enjoyed the part where I punctured the eggs, and out came this drizzle of velvety yolk.

I love beautiful mornings like this.

Smoked Salmon Florentine: Coffee Bean


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