I suck!

… at driving, that is. I failed driving school. (Who fails driving school?! Me!!!) They wouldn’t endorse my application for a license at LTO because, as my assessment put it mildly, I still “need more practice.” Apparently, I’ve poor steering skills, which is practically what driving is about—you steer a vehicle to a destination! Of course, this reminds me of that classic line from Clueless:

Tai Clueless

I’ve been in driving school for more than two weeks and I never enjoyed any part of it. I never got that exhilarated feeling my sister told me about when she first started an engine and made the car move. I dreaded every single day I had driving lessons the same way I dreaded ROTC; I’d actually get hyperacidity hours before my schedule. Driving itself felt like an out-of-body experience for me, I’d go numb and would only snap out of it once the instructor ‘politely’ admonishes me yet again for another mistake.

None of my friends seem to have had it this bad. (I’ve been losing sleep and appetite over this, I’ve actually lost weight.) I’m convinced I have a phobia because I’ll be the first to admit that my levels of fear and reaction are unreasonable. As I told Ma last night, who took the news in stride though I’m sure she’s a bit disappointed inside (as I really need to start driving), “I haven’t tasted failure in a long time.” Lol. I sounded like a jackass, but yes, I haven’t sucked this bad since my Math days in college.

Giving myself a week or two and take my mind off this. Until then (or, who am I kidding, until I get license), Tai’s words will keep ringing in my ears. 😛


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