Craft beer and porchetta Sunday

@bienpo's killer porchetta. OMG. 🐷🐽

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Bien invited us over to his home in Quezon City for porchetta and craft beer Sunday. I’ve been a secret fan of his place ever since it was featured in an architecture/interior design magazine; unfortunately, I didn’t get to take photos because dyahe :-P.

Nevertheless, Pam was able to capture the beauty that was the pork roast (above), which did not require any sauce or spices as it was able to deliciously stand on its own. It was perfect.

I enjoyed the beer by Katipunan Craft, too. (Incidentally, Pepper has a newly published article on the brewing craft beer industry in the Philippines.)

Katipunan Craft Beer

The Weizenberg is light and bubbly, it’s like the champagne of beers. It’s fresh, crisp, and clean, I think it would even be perfect as an apéritif.

The Indio Pale Ale has an earthy-malty, caramel-like taste (sorry, I’m in a bind here since I’m not exactly a connoisseur). I thought it was pretty sexy, hence, I preferred this over the ‘lighter’ Weizenberg, haha!

For beer-lovers, these indie breweries make for an exciting future.




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