Lost and found

I lost my office keys today: that for my locker in the restroom and that for my—I just learned what’s it called today (I previously referred to it as the ‘black box’)—pedestal cabinet. I’ve no idea how it disappeared; all I know is that it was no longer in my bag pocket by the time I returned to work on Monday. The replacement will cost me P330, which is pretty pricey for two keys.

I’m sadder for the loss of my keychain—a wooden steering wheel with a black leather strap. It was a gift from my cousin when I hosted her wedding reception from about five years ago. The keychain lasted longer than her marriage.

* * * *

Starbucks PH rewards card

It looks pretty though.

I got a Starbucks card today. I’ve been a regular in the last month so I figured I might as well take advantage of the rewards.

I find the card wanting, to be honest, which is the reason why it took me this long to get one. You can only top up at Starbucks stores in increments of P100; you can’t purchase baked goodies or bottled ice tea/water with it; and you need to purchase a ‘handcrafted’ beverage to claim your birthday reward of one slice of cake. The only advantage is you get a free grande beverage for every 12 coffee (or any 250g of whole bean coffee for every 10 bags; or any 12-pack Starbucks Via Ready Brew for every 10 packs).

It also takes a minimum of 3 minutes for the cashier to top up your card, which makes me fidgety especially when I could sense that the customer after me is getting impatient.

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3 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. davanita says:

    natawa ako sa “The keychain lasted longer than her marriage.”

    I have a Starbucks card too, which I try sooo hard not to use because I try to bring my own coffee to work every morning 🙂

    Good morning Jason! 🙂


    • Jason says:

      Good morning! We were waiting for you last Sunday! Si Jolo tuloy naghugas ng pinggan, haha!

      I bring my own brew too, but I still can’t perfect my soy latte–which, as you can tell, is a lame excuse, haha.


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