Premium chocolates made in Davao


Jessie, who I met through Pam and hails from Davao, gave these chocolates last week. I’ve only tried the dark variant (I’m trying to hold on to these bars as long as possible since they’re hard to find in Manila), and allow me to rave not just about how good they are, but also their sugar effect in me.

I haven’t seen the doctor about this but I get really sweaty (particularly my nose) when I eat sugar: a candy, a few bites of cake, a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, or a couple of pieces of chocolate would be enough to trigger this. I’ve Googled this and while I don’t think there’s any cause for concern, I’ve nevertheless limited my sugar intake when possible.

Anyway, so I was mindlessly eating the dark Coco Dolcé, already breaking my seventh piece from the third row, when I noticed that my nose still haven’t broken a sweat! There is little info out there about the chocolates, but according to this article (Premium chocolates made healthy), The FreeFood Co. uses coconut sugar instead of white. This post (Coconut Sugar – Healthy Sugar Alternative or a Big, Fat Lie?) meanwhile, argues that coco sugar isn’t necessarily a healthier alternative, but in my case, I literally tasted the difference.

In terms of taste, the dark variant has a strong cocoa aftertaste which I liked as it reminds me tsokolate-e. I also love the Mindanaoan design in its packaging.


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