Family Mart’s soft serve ice cream

This is what a cool Saturday night is like for me and my friends:

Family Mart ice cream


This is after dropping by two other Family Mart branches. We were on our way to Café Breton when we saw a Family Mart beside Linden Suites. We decided to ditch the crêpes in favor of soft serve instead. Upon entering their doors, we were met with bad news: they ran out of the ice cream. We must have looked so forlorn (we were also denied the ice cream two weeks ago in the Century City mall branch) because the attendant volunteered to call up the nearby Family Mart in Pearl Drive to ask if they have them (the answer: yes, they do). So Jill drove there, except it took us three circuits because we had trouble locating it. By the time we arrived, we saw a dad giving a cone to his daughter, which made us laugh because what if it was the last cone, right? Hahahahaha. Pam even joked she’d grab it from the kid if it did turn out to be the last one, hahahahaha.

It was the last cone. (The kid managed to run for her life leave before we got our hands on her.)

So off we went to the San Miguel Avenue branch, where at last, there was ice cream available. Look at how giddy Tatin is as Giff twirls it like the rent is due tomorrow. And it was worth it—that was some good ice cream for the price of P25 (I got the salted caramel and green tea); excellent value for money.

And that’s how we ended our night. #titas


This really was the highlight of my Saturday.

Don’t watch T’yanak. Just lost my respect for who I thought was the best film critic in the country now.



2 thoughts on “Family Mart’s soft serve ice cream

  1. davanita says:

    What. I was planning on watching that too at his (assuming we’re thinking of the same critic) behest!
    So was he being ironic when he said it was the best (pinoy) horror movie?


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