2014 Christmas wish list

Our annual Christmas dinner is fast approaching and for the gift-wrapping contest, the theme is vintage. At this point, I have no idea what to make of it, so it looks like I’ll be cramming once again.

We’ve also begun to send each other’s wish lists. I thought I’d share mine here in case you need ideas for someone who has everything, lol. No, but seriously, I always get stumped by having to come up with this list. Sure, there are material things which I’d like to have, but either I can always buy them anyway or they are ridiculously expensive.

I’m no serious coffee connoisseur, but when I saw the Bialetti ® Moka 6-Cup Espresso Maker at Crate & Barrel, I knew I wanted it: it makes the coffee-making process very #artisanal and #handcrafted, or in other words, #hipster. True enough, in my research, I learned that the Bialetti is a traditional Italian stovetop coffee maker and “is found in nine of ten households” in Italy. Among the many things that the Italians are good at, one is making good coffee (or so I heard), and this sounds like the perfect tool for a strong brew.

I also fell in love with these plates, particularly those in hue blue:

… and these Kenton flatware, for their rustic charm and elegance:

I thought this porcelain cappuccino cup is cute, too. It has a wide brim and I think it’s the perfect size for that coffee break:

Beaded bracelets: I normally wear plain everything, so to spruce up my outfit, I’d wear a few accessories. I think this particular set from Luis Morais is gorgeous:

It is priced £1,619.62, or about Php 114,080. Lol.

“Each bead on this set of three bracelets from Luis Morais is unique and complex, a collection of vintage pieces cut from glass and jadeite – a rare form of jade – to create a timeless sense of style. Completed with gold ‘bhupura’ symbols, used in Eastern philosophy as a meditative design, they offer an individual touch for your accessories.”


I used to have a Php500 watch from Casio which I loved because of its simplicity, but the rubber wristband eventually tore and it was hard to find a replacement. This classic Swatch (Once Again) looks pretty close to it, with the addition of a date display and glow-in-the-dark feature. Oh, and for more reading: Why CEOs swear by Swatches.

I’m not a fan of whitening products in general, but for many years I had melasma on both my cheeks. It wasn’t that noticeable in person, but it would show up in my photos. It was only lately that I realized I haven’t seen the dark spots in a long time, perhaps a year, and I could only attribute that to my Illuminants+ Cream: Advanced Brilliance Treatment. (I started out with the starter, primary treatment, which I wrote about here.) My melasma was gone after having used up my first (primary) bottle, and at some point through my second (advanced) bottle.

I’m a new Cetaphil convert. Every since my skin has gone dry (aka aging), I’ve been averse to facial cleansers that are scented and which foams a lot. (Whereas in my younger days, I hated those which don’t foam.)

I’d ask my relatives overseas to send me Spectro Jel, and usually, I never run out of stock until a month ago. Hence, I finally bought Cetaphil.

My findings: it works even better. It has better cleansing property than Spectro Jel, because with the latter, I’d normally still find dirt residue after applying toner. At the same time, Cetaphil doesn’t dry my skin, so I think it strikes that proper balance between cleansing and moisturizing.

I think it’s a good Christmas gift because it is pretty expensive, and I would most certainly appreciate a free bottle myself. But make sure to give it to someone who is not into foamy cleansers or don’t have a grooming routine already set in stone. I think this is also perfect for guys who… *gasp* still haven’t graduated from a bar of soap!

Now, for fillers, I don’t mind repeatedly receiving the following since these need replenishing anyway: (scented) candles, of course, melt; white handkerchiefs turn yellow after some time; socks bacon; and I can never have enough note cards:

I hope these ideas help. Enjoy shopping for your loved ones!


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