My 2014 National Costume for Philippines

(Each year, I try to re-imagine the national costume for Miss Philippines at Miss Universe. So far, I’ve done the babaylan, parol, palaspas, People Power, and Philippine jeepney.) 


I’ve long, loooong wanted to sketch this costume since I’ve had this idea summer of last year. Unfortunately, Miss Universe got moved way too late. I also knew creating this costume would be a tall order because it will be difficult to get the details right (I only draw with my fingers on a broken iPad :-P).

After a folklorish theme last year with my babaylan costume, I thought I’d create something big and grandiose this time. And with the recent Feast of Nazareno and the upcoming papal visit, I figured this is just the time to highlight the country’s religion passion.

This year, my national costume is…

Miss Universe National Costume Philippines 2

… the carrozza (carriage).

Miss Universe National Costume Philippines 3

I think MJ Lastimosa can definitely pull this off.

Not Filipino in origin but it’s something that we’ve made our own as a procession of these carriages depicting Jesus’ days before his death is a common sight in the country during Lenten season.

Miss Universe National Costume Philippines 1

I can’t find any literature on the Internet on how the tradition began in the Philippines, but it has been part of our culture for a century, or maybe even more. Photos of actual carrozzas may be found here.




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