Cleaning out my closet

My wardrobe is beginning to spin out of control once again and so it was good to read Iggy’s latest post, which included a link to the KonMari method of cleaning out your closet (i.e., “keep belongings that ‘spark joy'” although I can imagine how it may be a further excuse to hoard).

At the start of the year, I also saw this on my timeline, which is definitive and includes an option for storage: Vogue’s The Ultimate Flowchart for Cleaning Out Your Closet (No Excuses).

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetI’ve once again reached a point where seeing my closet stresses me out because it just has way too many stuff. I last wrote about this ‘movement’ four years ago and I even considered trimming down my pieces of clothing to 14, although the original challenge advocated just six. (The website, Six Items or Less, is no longer up.)

Before, the stress was triggered by Typhoon Ondoy, when I had to sort my clothes to give to victims. Although I was glad to help, I was aghast to find myself sending two gigantic garbage bags packed with all the clothes: all in good condition but which I was not wearing for long periods; I shouldn’t have shopped that much in the first place. I’d like to think I’ve learned since––I can count the number of clothing items I buy in a year on the fingers of one hand (or fine, plus an extra finger or two). Most stuff I wear are gifts from friends. However, I never actually managed to edit my wardrobe to the minimum essentials.

Earlier, I took the first step and organized my closet. I cannot believe that I still have this many clothing: 9 cardigans, jackets, and blazers (excluding those stored for travels); 28 long-sleeved shirts; 12 short-sleeved shirts; 9 t-shirts with collar; 15 pants and jeans. This number excludes those in the laundry. I did not even bother to count my t-shirts. Way, way too much. And this has already been edited last year: I actually already have an almost-full garbage bag that is waiting to be donated. Since I don’t shop as much, most clothes are years old and they definitely look and smell like it, haha.

The challenge however, is that there are days when I’m so bored by what I’m wearing, so earlier I took inventory of and edited my accessories, too:

These are literally friendship bracelets as all are given by friends <3.

These are literally friendship bracelets as all are given by friends <3.

I guess I just found myself another New Year’s resolution.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closet

  1. Deepa says:

    Do you know the blog Into-Mind? Her posts on closet revamping (as well as minimalist style in general) are brilliant. I just bought her workbook on personal style & the perfect wardrobe. There’s a lot to go through, at this point I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to doing it, but’s one of my to-do/goals for 2015!


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