What’s keeping me busy: watercolor painting!

It has been almost two years since I discovered that I don’t have the patience and talent for calligraphy. Doing it felt like being back to my drafting days in high school, when we had to painstakingly write each letter and number with the exact same heights as the others.

Utang na loob.  Photo: Wikipedia entry on Body Height http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_height_%28typography%29

Utang na loob
Photo: Wikipedia entry on Body Height

Needless to say, I hated that subject. And hence, the lack of love for doing calligraphy myself. And so as friends on Instagram began posting their arts and crafts on their feed—whether it was calligraphy, or paper-cutting, or stamp-making, or heck, even terrarium-building—I sort of felt lost; even my fashion illustrations didn’t lift me up—I was only excited to make Philippine national costumes.

Until I ‘discovered’ watercolors. It was just last January when I blurted out to my teammate, Jaycee, that I wanted to watercolor. I then told friends, whose propensity to get me to shop for anything saw us having a field trip to National Bookstore one lunchtime. Being so unfamiliar with the medium, I relied on Mitzi to shop for me—my only requirement was that my stuff look good. (Of course, when she directed me to the P3k paint set, I balked and loosened my criteria, lol.)

She got me Berkeley pad and brushes, a generic palette (there are so few choices here; I wish I thought about painting when I was in Hong Kong 😦 ); and Gouache paint (more opaque than the average watercolor variety) from Pebeo. (Later, Jaycee suprised me with a set of gorgeous, natural brushes in my favorite blue!)

When I got home, I knew right from the start I wanted to draw one of my favorite literary characters: The Little Prince. Besides, he was soooo easy to draw. Three little dots and a line for a face, et voilà!

The moment I finished this drawing, I experienced happiness and satisfaction which I don’t think I’ve felt from a hobby before. I didn’t care how juvenile this ‘art project’ was; it felt like an accomplishment to me! I can only pray that my interest never goes away. (I get bored easily.)

These past weeks, I’ve been doing a self study, mostly to learn how to be less controlling and let the strokes and blending come naturally. I think I’m ultimately a ‘wash‘ person—I like the smudges, back runs, and other little accidents.

The peg—the ultimate goal—is to be as good as @Limkina, whom Iggy introduced to me on Instagram:

Actually no, I think I’m setting myself up for failure here. I feel like I need a medical degree to be even half as good as she, lol.

If you know of other watercolor artists I should follow, please let me know!


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