Film review: The Breakup Playlist

Normally, a Piolo Pascual starrer scores an 11 out of 10 from me, but for The Breakup Playlist, I have to say I’m disappointed by the lack of pecs, biceps, and abs. My Piolo rating: 9/10 because that face 😍.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.41.27 PM

* * * *

Now, for my film review…

Piolo (Gino) and Sarah Geronimo (Trixie) play two bandmates who get into a relationship and—I suppose this is a not a spoiler since it’s in the title after all—break up. This is the entire scope of the movie.

In her review, Jessica Zafra complains that the band gigs were “too neat and antiseptic” and I’d like to further argue that this is in fact, true about the entire film. In my case, the words that kept coming up in my head were “sanitized” and “safe.” The film features no grit and texture, two of the standout qualities of That Thing Called Tadhana and English Only, Please, whose directors and scriptwriters (Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone) are behind Breakup.

I only perked up when it seemed a skanky fan (great acting, by the way) was about to provide some kick to the movie, but unfortunately, the third-party arc was made squeaky clean as well. Also, even if the subject had been criticized in Babae sa Septic Tank, it seems product placements are here to stay. (Though on hindsight, it’s what made the audience in our screening laugh out loud since Breakup is practically devoid of humor.)

Lest this be a complete rant, I liked two scenes. First is Trixie’s ‘bed scene’ with her parents—no words had to be exchanged; I thought that was brilliant and economical. The other was that climactic event by the roadside: I liked how the scene inventively ‘lit’ Piolo’s tears.

Overall rating: too bad


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