30-day writing challenge: My profile photo

I’m participating in Pam’s Writing My Life challenge:

In the wee hours of Saturday, as I agonized over what I wanted to say at the "Writing My Life" panel at #PLF2015, I called @tatiny. We talked about Keynotes and Powerpoints, activity pads and handouts. Then, her brilliant idea: "Why don't you give them a "Writing My Life" challenge?" That's what I did before going to bed—create a calendar of writing prompts for the month of September. The challenge starts tomorrow and anyone is free to join. The link to the digital calendar is in my bio. ⬆️ You can write in your journal or post on your blogs, your Tumblr, your Facebook, even Instagram. Tag us if you want us to see your work. And, if we all have fun doing this, maybe we will create an October calendar too. Ready? ✒️📓 #writemylife365

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Today’s writing prompt is my profile photo:


I regularly change my profile picture—normally selfies—because it amazes me to see my face, haha. To be specific, I’m fascinated by the changes I see: before it’d usually just be changes in my hair length and weight, but now, I’m slowly seeing signs of ageing—the little wrinkles and eye bags, which used to go away with a good night’s sleep but now seemed to be permanently etched on my face. Also, I’ve read one too many articles on how in the future, you’d look back on your photos and think, “Hey, I looked totally beautiful/gorgeous then,” and realize how silly all our self-flagellations over our looks have been. So yes, I’m pretty supportive of selfies and I encourage people to take more of them.

Going back to the topic, lol.

My photo was taken by Mitzi. I was going to be included in an Inquirer survey on our National Bookstore memories, and I wanted something more formal than a selfie. I decided on the venue, which is at Ayala Triangle Gardens, and carefully selected my preppy outfit, which I felt would fit the bookstore brand (#overthinking, lol)—a G2000 blazer, H&M shirt, and Uniqlo jeans. This was noontime and it was a scorching trek from our office to the park, but fortunately, the tree shade at the venue provided relief.

My hair was short then and didn’t require much fussing over, though I did bring along a lip & cheek stain for a touch up, haha. Mitzi took several shots using my iPhone, mostly because we had to adjust to the blazing sunlight. There were also photos with me walking toward the camera because I wanted movement from my jacket—yes, it was quite the production for this one photo, haha.

I loved the result—I look like I endorse an IT school, haha—and it’s been about three months since I changed it (whereas before, I changed profile photos monthly).


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