Writing My Life Challenge, Day Five: An Important Inanimate Object

I don’t value material things that much: letters and photos are a given in their pricelessness, but I’m pretty reckless with the rest (my iPhone doesn’t have a case, for one). I have a beautiful white-gold cross necklace my mother bought me as a high school graduation present, but its value is more on the fact that Ma got to drag me all the way to Binondo.

So I’m going to have to go with this: The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain.

Lip essentials—yes, including those anti-rhinitis tablets, haha!

It has been more than a decade since I first learned about lip and cheek stain: Jules, who had gotten back from a U.S. vacation, gave me a bottle of Benetint and friends gasped because it was such a much-raved-about beauty item (and back then, rare, unless you had U.S. connections).

When that bottle ran out, I had to look for an alternative, and that’s where Body Shop came in and I’ve been using it for years.

Guys—straight and becks: if you are going to have any makeup in your vanity arsenal, and I highly suggest you do especially for important events, let it be these two items: BB cream and lip/cheek stain. (For the love of Venus, please never EVER put foundation; most girls never get around to finding the perfect shade and so won’t you.)

I’ve lost count the number of times my dates have complimented me for my rosy skin, when up close, it is far from perfect. On a good day, friends in the office would happily note that my cheek stain appear so natural, I might as well have just come back from the beach.

On a most recent date, the guy, who did not know about any of these, gushed that I looked like I just had a facial. And later, perhaps suspecting that I did in fact have something on, he proceeded to cup my face on his hand and repeatedly brushed my cheeks with his thumb under the pretext of blind admiration but which I could tell was simply his style of trying to wipe out what I might have had on.

I’m proud to say the cheek stain held on. He continued to admire my ‘naturally’ glowing skin and never suspected a thing. It was a good night.


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