Writing My Life Challenge, Day 15: One Thing I Never Learned

One thing I haven’t learned in this writing challenge is deciding on how intimate should I get. Like for Day 15’s prompt: do I write about never having learned how to whistle (straightforward, boring, just one sentence and nothing else) or do I write about that which I’ve never learned to do, which all my exes have found exasperating, lol.

Since I would like to write more than a few sentences, let’s go with the second one.

My inability (though at this point it’s more like a refusal than a lack of talent) to acquire said skill recently came up in a discussion among friends. We were at a bar and tipsy, so naturally, the conversation steered toward it. They wanted to know why I refuse to partake in such a practice, which aside from being de rigueur among the gay population, has also received some fairly positive feedback among intrepid heterosexuals.

I was sure that my friends at that table did not belong to that category, but after having grilled me on it—and my ultimate response to which was to turn the tables on them—I was shocked to learn that they were willing to do it if it meant saving a relationship.

“What I refuse to do are emoticons,” one helpfully offered.

I believe it was the alcohol. I’m still not convinced.


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