Writing My Life Challenge, Day 17: A Moment That Filled Me with Fear

I swear, this was all a coincidence! I didn’t set this narrative by texting Pam about her book—I really did mean to write the following by Day 16, but it just so happened I texted her about the book just before writing Day 15!

I have never been as nervous in recent memory as when I had to give a speech during Pam’s first book launch. Not when I had to sing in front of the school assembly; not when I missent a text to my mother intended for my boyfriend: “Punta ka na dito, wala si Ma”; not when I had to make a work presentation at our corporate headquarters in Shenzhen; and not when I had a date with a long-time crush (though my hands did tremble as I decided on what to wear, lol).

Of course, there was the time when Pa was hospitalized but that’s on a completely different level –and besides, there’s Day 26 for that (Something That Happened in a Hospital).

This was completely irrational, I know. The launch was a relatively intimate gathering and I’m comfortable around her family and friends, but it was just really a HUUUUGE deal. Seeing her name on a book spine and actually buying her book, it was the culmination of any writer’s dream—and one you have for your best friend.

The Queen's Speech :-P

I don’t think I can write about the experience better than when I freshly remembered it in this post, The Queen’s Speech (corny title, which can only be explained by the Colin Firth movie, which may have been showing at that time). I definitely remember pacing around and outside the venue, practically refusing to talk to anyone until minutes before the launch, and rehearsing the speech in my head over and over and over again. I think there’s a video of my speech on YouTube, but like most people, I cringe when I watch myself.


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