Writing My Life Challenge, Day 18: Me and the Internet

It must have been because of the sweltering weather, but I can’t remember exactly why I posed this question among friends: If you can only choose one, which would you rather remain to have been invented—air conditioning or the Internet? Lol. I thought this was truly a no-brainer, but among the five of us, it was just Tatin and I who chose the latter. Please tell me the three others are the crazy ones.

I’m thinking if I’m an Internet addict. The last Internet-related breakdown I had was in January when I went to Hong Kong, bought a local SIM card with an unlimited Internet plan, only to find out that my iPhone was locked to my network: I did the ugly sliding-down-the-wall cry at the airport.

I was able to spend two days without a data plan, merely going online when I was back at the hotel to leech off free Wi-Fi in the lobby. However, on the third day, I was going crazy: I had to have Internet. So I subscribed to my network’s one-day roaming plan with unlimited Internet, which cost me P600 for 24 hours.

It was so worth it. Unlimited Internet while overseas would be the biggest travel luxury for me.

So I’m not sure if I’m an addict—I can be offline for one or two days and theoretically, maybe even three to five if I’m in a beautiful island paradise. I don’t check my phone if I’m eating with someone unless everyone else has pulled out their phones. Other times, I find myself checking websites simultaneously—some on my laptop with the broadband connection and the rest on my phone with 3G. That always makes me chuckle once I begin to realize I’m doing it.


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