Pam’s Planet Panic

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to press on with Pam’s Writing My Life challenge, although I still plan to do them once in a while; it’s just that certain writing prompts stump like me, such as the Day 19’s – “Your Secret Shame.” Pam mentioned that the only blogger who managed to complete the challenge was at her book launch—unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet her as I would have certainly shook her hand.

Photos: Jill Lejano

The launch for her latest book, Planet Panic: Notes from the Queen of Procrastination, was a blast. After a touching speech from Pam about how it has been a dream come true, it was pretty much a party throughout. It was nice to see former 2bU! Correspondents Angela and Tammy (Angela and I talked about how we’re officially adults—no way getting around it; while I jokingly accused Tammy of being a millennial, a generation which she herself admitted to speaking out against); and familiar Inquirer faces, such as Irene and Ruth (“Haven’t you noticed I’ve been harassing you?” – Ruth, as she rubbed the entire length of my arm). There was A LOT of food—aside from a Potato Corner and Sosro juice stand, there was also catered food, such as the to-die-for (I suspect, literally) chicharon aleta from Lugawan Republic, which I initially misidentified as chicken skin. I was also star-struck seeing Gilda Cordero-Fernando, but as usual, I got too shy to introduce myself. (Aside from having read a few of her columns, I’m not familiar with her short stories and other works. Still, I’m a fan of her unique voice in the current crop of Filipino writers.)

I haven’t read the book yet—although I’ve scanned through the pages because I wanted to know if she had written the topic I’ve been bugging her to write about—but if you miss long-form blogging from your favorite Livejournal and Blogspot friends, then this is a book you would really enjoy.


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