Our Annual Christmas Gift-Wrapping Contest: Flora and Fauna

Each year, our barkada holds a gift-wrapping contest on top of our Christmas dinner. The winner of the previous year gets to set the theme and judge the contest, and is therefore ineligible from joining. And for 2014, that person was me! 😀

Our beautiful dinner spread. Thanks Giff, Jill, and Pam!

Our beautiful dinner spread. Thanks Giff, Jill, and Pam!

Since it was my first time to win in the four-year history of our tradition, I didn’t realize it was going to be heartbreaking to have to decide on a winner, especially when friends began telling their stories on how they painstakingly made their entries. “Inumaga na nga ako eh…” “Nag-spray paint pa sya ng wires!” “Bumili pa ko sa iTunes.


The theme this year was Flora and Fauna. I did want the theme to be as generic as possible to make it easy for everyone, but apparently, that made it hard for some to zoom in on a specific design or concept. (Our previous themes were Halloween, Circus, and Vintage; we didn’t have one during our first contest.) Nevertheless, everyone brought their A game and here’s the rundown (all photos taken without permission from Jill :-D):

This was my gift. As they guessed, I made the least amount of effort, lol. It featured two silver leaves, at which the rest cried, “Nasaaaan ang faunaaaa????” Heh. For one, everything I used was recycled, which makes it environment-friendly. Hey, I gotta have points for that. 😀

Me with my 2015 baby, Mark

Me with my 2015 baby, Mark

This was Giff’s gift. (Who by the way, wins Star of the Night and the Clairol Herbal Essences Award dahil sa haba ng haaaair.) It’s a shame that I only got the reference when I saw the photos. It’s the fox from the Little Prince!!!

Tyri meets the Fox.

Tyri meets the Fox.

So cuuuute. ❤ If he had the actual Little Prince in there, I would have probably given him the title, haha.

Nel totally thought out of the box with this culinary creation. He baked Groot cookies propped on a bed of Coco Crunch!!! A gift wrap you can eat!!!

Unfortunately, one of them snapped at the base during the presentation, but nevertheless, it looked so good.

Unfortunately, one of them snapped at the base during the presentation, but it looked so good.

This was Jolo’s gift to me. ❤ As usual, he and Gia kept saying they were embarrassed about their entry, but when they whipped them out, they looked wonderful.

A swampy theme

A swampy theme

The squeaking crocodile ended up as Tyri’s chewy toy, haha.

I also love that Jolo’s gift matched with what his wife, Gia, created:

Gift 10

An underwater flora and fauna, with everything made of clay! According to her, it took her until the wee hours of the morning to mold all of them, huhu.

Along with Giff, Jill makes the most elegant and polished gifts ❤

No one does gifts like Jill does

No one does gifts like Jill does

That’s a wreath she made herself, and inside those rocks (or they could be dinosaur eggs–it doesn’t matter, really) are jewelry!

What’s even more amazing is that you don’t have smash them to get to what’s inside; she actually made a perforated threading, so you simply pull a loose thread to zip them open. #ehdiwow

This was Pam’s gift. And seeing Tatin open it was absolutely hilarious.

Landed gentry

Landed gentry

That’s a beautiful farm vignette with real plants and soil. The gifts were buried under, which Tatin, with colegiala shrieks, had to get to by shoveling for a good 5 minutes.

Pam's gifts always require the most effort to open.

Pam’s gifts always require the most effort to open.

I think Tatin out-Durterte’d Duterte with her invectives, lol.

Before presenting her gift, Tatin had to ask about the wireless speakers in the room. Apparently, her gift hinged on the background music.

Gia, the recipient, had to wait for her cue.

Gift 14

Wait for it…

Inside was a lion doll, which she raised in the air.

*cue Lion King music

Gift 15

Naaaaa ntsingonya mabigi thibaba!

*cue permutations of the face palm, lol

Gift 16

Hala pre, what’s happening, bro

Yep, she’s the one who had to buy something from iTunes.

If I had a runner-up prize, Coco’s would be it. I adored how it was simple and on-point, organic, and Pinoy, and different from the rest of the entries:

Gift 5

Simple but on point!

It had a tiny Kero Kero Keroppi eraser representing the fauna, lol.

Gift 6

Spot the frog

But alas, I had to award the prize to Mark, who’s only on his second year in the contest. He took a lot of effort doing this, fashioning wires and spraying them with silver paint then lighting them up with romantic lights for this beautiful Christmas basket. The gift was wrapped in a lovely bouquet.

Gift 3

It’s a Christmas tree in itself

I think even Tyri agreed.

Gift 2

Congratulations, Mark! From the sound of it, we’re bound for a very interesting theme next year. :-O

Group shot

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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