Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay


I learned about Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay when I was checking out the highest-rated hotels in Agoda and TripAdvisor. Joaquin’s had a slew of gushing testimonials and some of the things that I kept reading about aside from the excellent service were the view and the rooms’ smell. I don’t think we read enough about an accommodation’s aroma, so that got me curious. But really, it was the consistent positive reviews that made me book the place.

Joaquin’s is located along Nasugbu Highway, a five- to seven-minute walk to popular restaurants, such as Balay Dako and Leslie’s. Given its address, it’s in the thick of traffic so driving there and parking can be difficult especially during weekends and holidays. No exaggeration: we got there around 3 p.m. and traffic was crawling; we went out again at 7 p.m. and the road looked even worse.

Nevertheless, all the traffic noise disappeared once we entered the premises and we were served pandan juice. Check in was a breeze and the staff was friendly, considerate, and courteous.

The small and charming entrance leads to the restaurant’s lounge/dining area, where the hotel’s only two family rooms—fenced in by its own small veranda—are in. Also, the free and fast Wi-Fi is only available here. (Globe’s data signal is completely useless in the premises; I don’t know about Smart’s.)

This area itself already has a good view, although the panorama is cut off by the neighboring hotels. I booked the rooms with a garden veranda, so we were led down to three flights of stairs, which were no big deal for me, but which my senior parents found a bit challenging as they had to take a few seconds’ rest at some point. The second basement level houses the rooms with a balcony with a small breakfast nook.

Reaching our rooms, I was thrilled to learn that the Agoda and TripAdvisors reviewers weren’t exaggerating with their testimonials: the lavender smell was heavenly and when we opened the back door to the garden, the view was magnificent. My normally stoic family was jumping up and down, lol. (I kept our accommodations a surprise to them.)


I loved the room’s interiors and the garden landscape—it had the character of a rustic country home with high ceiling and Pinterest-friendly wall art and decorations. And it all looked authentic—I could feel that the owners of this place truly have a love for life… and pets! (We found a couple of quotes about dogs, though we didn’t get to ask if pets are allowed here.) Several books and magazines lined the shelves and night stands, more than enough for a month’s stay.

There are four rooms in the garden, with no fencing between them. Thankfully, we were blessed with considerate (aka quiet) neighbors because I can imagine how all these perfect qualities could come crashing with just one neighbor without class.


The next morning, before 6 a.m., I woke up to my mother’s flurry of knocks on our veranda door. I was almost ready to explode until I saw why: behind her, the quiet sunrise was majestically painting the colors of rose quartz and serenity over Taal Lake. They say life flashes before our eyes seconds before we die; I hope mine includes the memory of that view.


Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast
Km. 58 Aquinaldo Highway,
Tagaytay City

+63 46 483 0474 / 63
+63 917 503 7122
+63 922 802 1343


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