I’m on retreat from Facebook

I’ve finally deactivated my Facebook. It was a decision I’ve been trying to make for several months because I sometimes use it for work and that’s how I receive the latest news from businesses I patronize. But earlier I realized I’ve had enough–that the benefit of not having Facebook exceeds that of having one.

I think I’ll retreat in a bubble, one that’s removed from the online, much larger world (and yes, I had to stop for a few seconds as I realize the irony of typing those words in this blog). I’ll focus on my work and my personal interactions, on what I see, on me.

It’s not only the severely flawed logic, false information, and post-truths that are killing me–it’s also the apathy. That’s a realization I had on Friday, when I had to go to the Marcos burial protest in Ayala Triangle Gardens alone. I had no friends or colleagues to go with. None. At the rally, the huge crowd watching the Christmas lights show couldn’t be bothered to stop and join us. During breaks, they’d look at our group from afar, taking photos for Instagram, maybe. Even cars couldn’t be bothered to honk for us, as if lifting, sliding those hands from the steering wheel to the center was such a huge effort, or with the new world order, an affront to their principles. I looked at all the buildings surrounding Makati CBD: here is a rally right in front of your doorstep and no one could be bothered. When Miss Universe paraded down Ayala Avenue, people lined the streets; that Friday night, we were a handful. We weren’t just a minority; we were misfits.

I cannot fight for those who do not wish any change. I’ll let things be.


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