Blind Date: ‘He seemed zealous about guarding his entrée’

I live for The Guardian’s Blind Date column, especially if they are featuring two guys and/or a couple most likely to date again. Of course, it’s not all peachy: there are the heartbreakers, when one person would answer that they’d like to meet up again, but the other says maybe not. Comments are not allowed—these features are likely to attract trolls—but one time, the site failed to close the comments section, and people WERE ALL OVER IT and in a good way. Like they were virtual cheerleaders and wished the couple all the best. The next day, the comments were gone again. (See, I’m an avid reader.)

Below is a pretty good match-up: David is obviously interested, but a little insecure. But then, Marco, as it turned out, is also interested. So yaaaay! Somewhere, a unicorn grew a rainbow tail.

One thing I’ve noticed in their answers, and I don’t know if this is a British thing, is that offering to share your food is marked as a good table manner. I generally do not offer my plate unless the dish is meant for sharing—for one, I consider using my utensils on someone else’s plate (that or taking a sip in someone else’s glass) as unhygienic, and therefore, bad table manners. I don’t mind if it’s the other way around though (their spoon on my food), but just to avoid any awkwardness, I don’t offer (and rarely accept) single-serving dishes to taste.

I haven’t been nervous about a date since two years ago. It was with a guy whom I’ve had the longest crush on. Like, imagine your dream guy asking you out on a date—that’s the guy. When I got his invite, I was a huge mess—my hands were literally trembling—and it was a minor miracle that I managed to go out and see him after all. Anyway, after the date, I kept receiving mixed signals from him, and having read He’s Just Not That Into You, I had a feeling I had been “friendzoned” for good. (My rule has always been: if a guy likes you, you’ll know a guy likes you; there is zero room for ambiguity.) A year later (he works overseas), he invited me out again, and yes, I was once again a nervous wreck. This time, however, there were no mixed signals: it was pretty clear we were just friends.

Some unicorns don’t get their rainbow tail.

So maybe that’s the appeal of this Blind Date column for me. (Wow, ang layo ng segue, hahaha!) I have yet to be convinced about the soundness of not seeing a photo of your date before a meet up, but maybe we should be nervous-excited about dates once in a while.



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