My 2017 resolutions

First, a look back on last year’s.

Keep calm and watercolor: Failed. I actually started getting more commissions this year, but the more I got one, the more I became saddled with insecurity and anxiety. So at some point, I stopped painting completely. Then, I started to get into CrossFit, which solidified my excuse because now, I simply don’t have enough time.

There’s clearly something wrong with me.

Meditate: So-so. I’m not able to do it daily, but I would say, at least once or twice a week. It helps me fall asleep.

Stay fit: Passed, albeit with new a development in my health. More below.

Take more selfies: So-so. My Instagram feed is a healthy mix of food, selfies, watercolor, and places. There are times when I still get so self-conscious about posting my selfie, so I think there’s a lot more I can improve on with this one.

Entirely liquid emergency fund: Failed. I didn’t see a lot of improvement from 2015 and with the low-record stock market that we have, even my investments have taken a hit. So I’m hoping to bounce back in 2017.


Now, for my resolutions next year:img_5563A month ago, I’ve taken to documenting all my cash inflow and outflow to the point that I count the coins in my wallet. I was aghast to learn how much of my budget goes to a) food, and b) Uber and Starbucks. They were such a waste when I could have commuted or brewed my own coffee. I’m willing to make an exception especially for Uber, for safety and utmost convenience’s stake, but otherwise, I’ll use public transportation. (I only drive on weekends.) I am definitely avoiding Starbucks or any other coffee chain, unless it’s for socializing, i.e., meeting up friends.img_5564In August, I was diagnosed with hypertension, which was such a huge personal blow that I got a little depressed for over a month. While all medical tests cleared me of heart problems—it’s likely due to genes and diet—I now have maintenance drugs. I know I’m getting old each year, but there’s nothing like having maintenance meds to drill the point. (Also, my cardiologist addresses me with “po.”)

Since the diagnosis, I’ve drank a serving a Coke less than 10 times; I’ve eaten popcorn once; and I’ve never eaten chips. For the first month, I limited my rice intake and ate mostly fish and veggies, but then I lost more than 10lbs (even without exercise), which alarmed me, so I have been a lot more indulgent since. I’ve enrolled in CrossFit for the last three months—never missed my 3x a week classes, even when I was in Boracay (there’s a box there by the beach)—and I have gained back those 10lbs (I’m about 15lbs underweight.) So aside from eating healthy, I hope to become fitter so that I may at least finish in the middle of my CrossFit class after every workout. (I’m almost always last/second to the last.)img_5565I’m not proud of how I wasn’t able to read books this year. I now struggle with reading: I find myself repeating sentences over and over again, and my attention span is worse than before.

This will be a difficult resolution to keep—with CrossFit, I simply don’t have enough time to read. Even without my other extra-curricular activity, such as watercolor, I’m struggling to have 8 hours of sleep during the weekday. So, to gain that time, I must…img_5566I’ve remained off Facebook since my post about it. My account is still active because I sometimes need it for work and, as I immediately discovered, for Tinder, but otherwise, I haven’t read my timeline or posted on it.

The disadvantage though is I’ve been remiss in my fraternal duties. For example, I belatedly learned that an acquaintance’s dad had passed away and that a dear friend’s dad had to be confined in the hospital. (On a more superficial level, I’ve missed out on shopping deals, too.) I’ve simply been out of the loop, which goes to show how we’ve all been so dependent on Facebook.img_5567Once in a while, I look back at my old blog entries and realize I enjoy the process a lot. (Note that I enjoy the process, not necessarily the writings because those could be painful to read.) If I continue this path of neglecting my blog, then there will be years when I’d be left with nothing to look back on, i.e., 2015-2016.

I started bringing my digital camera along with me again. The photo quality is way better than my iPhone, especially for group and wide shots. So maybe, this resolution is not necessarily restricted to blogging but to documenting my life in general.


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