January stats

For January, I had a total of two Starbucks drinks. I took seven Uber rides, all of which were necessary (I could have resorted to a regular taxi but why). I read zero books—I bought a collection of short stories in late December and I’ve only managed to read one story so far.

Fucks I gave the Miss Universe competition: 26 tweets. Number of times I lamented the speaking skills of our candidate to friends: too many to count.

I went to the gym 13 times equivalent to 13 hours of intensive exercise. I drank 20lbs of mass gainer, but only gained 1 or 2lbs. I don’t know where it went. I’ve budgeted and tracked my money down to the last peso. I spent P8,514 on food alone and the priciest restaurants I went to were Pancake House and Songkran. I was able to save P1,600 from my allowance, the money I budget for my personal expenses, which include entertainment. I only went to the mall twice: the first to see Sunday Beauty Queen with my mother and the second to buy a light bulb. I didn’t buy any material stuff for myself.

I attended a floral watercolor workshop, but produced no floral painting so far. I was able to complete a portrait of Emma Stone, but one of Amy Adams is still in progress. I didn’t see any friends outside of work. I went out of town a total of three times, but only saw my parents at their home once.

Journal entries written: zero. Instagram selfies: zero. Camera phone selfies: 64 (lol). Boyfriend: one. 🙂


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