My February stats

Number of Starbucks drinks: 3
Uber rides: 6
Money spent on dining out/takeout food: P7,159
Purchases for myself: 1 – a super cute extra small gym bag 😍 (in photo)
Savings from my personal allowance: P1,322.14
Trips to the doctor: 2
Preseptal cellulitis secondary to cannalicutis and internal hordeolum: 1
External hordeolum: 2
Total # of styes: 3 adidas-3-stripes-performance-team-bag-xs
Eyes wide shut: 1
Number of times I was the butt of naninilip jokes: 3
Number of days I was on sick leave: 4
Number of days I was actually sick: 14 days
Cost of stye turned major eye infection: P1,772.75
Number of teammates who resigned: 1
Number of applicants I interviewed: 3
Number of millennials who flaked out: 7,894 😑
Weight: 172lbs 😑
Height: 5’9″, according to my annual physical exam at Aventus Makati 🙄
Missed WODs: 4
Penalty burpees for not following instructions: still undetermined ✌️️
Weekend getaways: 1
Valentine: 1 😍


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