March stats

Weight: between 171 and 173
Pounds gained: practically zero 😡
Double unders: 0
Successful pull ups: 0
Sprained wrist: 1
Number of calluses on both hands: six
Throbbing pain near my fingernails that feel like they’ve been pounded by a sledgehammer: 3
Wishful thinking I could replace both my hands because shampooing my hair, washing my face, or even typing have been arduous: 2,053,421,640 😥
Movies I saw this month: 5
Movies that made me cry: Arrival and Allied
My latest roster of actresses that can do no wrong: Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Viola Davis, Tilda Swinton, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet
Number of times I painted: 1
Instagram likes of said painting: 42
Haircut: 1
Instagram likes of new haircut: 48
Number of times I was asked to model: 1
Number of nudes in the IG account of photographer who asked me to model: Madami (though tasteful naman, 😄)
Number of days I saw an “Anello” bag on someone: 28
Number of legit Anello stores in PH: 0
Budget deficit for second half of March: P1,602.43 😛
Pink shirts I bought: 3
Most expensive solo meal: Filleto di Pesce (yummy!) from the cuaresma menu of Cibo, plus red grape shake
Starbucks drinks: enough for the year based on my NY resolution 😥
Addition to grooming arsenal: Kiehl’s Age Defender Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Men ❤
Remaining extra budget for the next payday because I spent way too much in March: P700 😥


3 thoughts on “March stats

  1. davanita says:

    tuwing mapupunit yung kamay ko doing barwork (especially toes to bar), i’ve had to work from home the next day kasi ni hindi ako makapaghilamos, much less maligo. and don’t fret over your DUs, you’ll get them eventually 🙂

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