April stats

I’m hard pressed to think about what happened in April. Let’s see—there was the Holy Week break and the ASEAN-Labor Day long weekend. (BTW, that’s a lot of downtime for one month; it’s awesome.) I spent most of them in Nuvali with the boyfriend.


Athleisure bae looks like he stepped out of the pages of GQ.

My purchases are mostly fitness-related: whey protein, gloves and knee pads, and a couple of shirts. Even boxes of band aid. When I first started in the gym, I wore the ugliest shirt and shorts that I have—basically, what I would wear to sleep—and my shoes were Nike AF1, which is a major LOL in inappropriateness. Needless to say, I looked awful (and my feet hurt), but I couldn’t care less because I was there to sweat. But I guess being around a box that’s a bit on the high end with celebrities and hip people has made me more conscious of what I wear. (Btw, I haven’t gone all Nike, Adidas or Under Armour save for my lone pair of proper athletic shoes—just Uniqlo and H&M. And I still wear those fake NBA shorts that my mom bought at a wet market and which I’m often made fun of in the office for because I don’t know which NBA team I’m wearing based on the colorway and logo.) Basically, not stick out like a fashion sore thumb. The only time I coveted someone else’s threads (naks, threads) was when I worked out with this cute guy who wore a red jersey with black shorts over black compression pants. He was so hot and so Alexander Wang-fasyon. I never saw him again.

Also, going to the gym adds such a huge burden to the laundry, though I really shouldn’t be complaining about this because I ship my laundry to my parents’ home.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 7 months and I’m still bumbling through most of the movements. (Kitkat, I don’t think I’ll learn double-unders in the next 3 months.) My pants have gotten tighter in areas where I’d like them to be tight, lol. Tucking in my shirt isn’t so bad anymore. (I always look to the Italians in this regard; think collarless shirt and slacks.) Oh, and I’m now XL in Uniqlo. My biceps can’t fit in them L shirts anymore 🙄. Nah, I kid; my gut’s gotten huge, lol.

I read one book. My first in close to a year. Crazy Rich Asians isn’t exactly in the immortal company of the world’s greatest works of literature, but my brain takes what it can get. I read this mostly because of Kris Aquino’s involvement in the film and the book ended up being such a breeze and entertaining to read. I’m old enough to look at the rich’s eccentricities with good humor and there are characters to root for.

I saw three movies in the theater: Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, and Fast & Furious 8. Couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at Emma Watson in this role (btw, it feels so wrong to review the movie this late, lol)—her singing was atrocious, she speaks with a British accent, and her face crunches with sarcasm at every turn; GITS, I really couldn’t care less, I only watched it to pass the time; but I was surprised to have enjoyed FF—the trailer is essentially the entire story, but I enjoyed the creativity of the people behind the stunts—laging may bago. Charlize is normally breathtakingly beautiful, but I don’t get the styling choices of her character here. The Rock is incredible; I thought his superhuman strength is funny AF (and who knows, maybe he IS that strong, I wouldn’t be surprised) and I love his chemistry with Jason Statham. I’m also happy for Helen Mirren for getting her wish. Fun movie.


3 thoughts on “April stats

  1. davanita says:

    teka baka naman hindi na cardio ang problem. baka beat na ang issue :))
    ang standing theory ko dyan ay if you don’t know how to dance, you’ll never be able to do it.
    (wow ako daw talaga ang expert diba hahaha)


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