Weekend plans 05.12.17

What I’ll Be Watching: For Sunday, I got tickets for Floy Quintos’ new play, Angry Christ, which has received raves and which PDI has dubbed as a “masterpiece.” A Dulaang UP rep rescinded my reservation without any reason. 🙄 Too bad since this was supposed to be for Mother’s Day and I was just starting to get to know Ossorio; I’ve never heard of him previously, but this Huffington Post piece gives a good backgrounder.

What I’ll Be Downloading: My weekend viewing revolves around Survivor, Drag Race, and Big Little Lies, with the recent addition of Fire Island, a reality show about five gay guys vacationing in the famous LGBT summer hotspot. I cannot remember how I learned about Fire Island—writing this, I thought it was from an Alan Hollinghurst novel, but Google results don’t say so (maybe it’s an association with The Swimming Pool Library)—but the first two episodes have been interesting enough, and I’m enjoying Towleroad’s recap.

What I’ll Be Doing: I’ve scheduled a Lasik screening because it’s something I’ve long wanted to do. Hopefully, my eyes qualify.


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