What I’ll Be Doing: Recuperating. I finally got a Lasik operation, which I’ll write in more detail soon. I had it this morning, and 7 hours later, here I am blogging, with just a tiny, tiny bit of grainy sensation on my left eye (so I’ll keep this entry short!). I’ll know my exact grade during my first post-op checkup tomorrow (this morning, my sister’s eyes were still more eagle-sharp than mine), but yes, everything is so much clearer now. I can see my face in the mirror without having to go near it!!! I can see shop signs! And read advertisements! And see people’s faces!

What I’ll Be Listening To: Harry Style’s debut solo album sounds surprisingly good—reviews have been complimentary of its ’60s/70s singer-songwriter aesthetics. Pretty easy-listening music that’s devoid of gimmicks; just classic rock.

What I’ll be Watching: American Gods. If only for the third episode, described as having “TV’s most explicit gay sex scene ever.” I have never read Neil Gaiman, except perhaps for one or two of his essays, so I know nothing about American Gods. However, I’m now halfway through the second episode and I’m still lost and confused. Help. Lol.

PS: Ricky Whittle aka Shadow is sooo hot. 😈


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