My Lasik experience

I finally have clear eyesight. I didn’t gush or feel as if I’ve been reborn as I read in other people’s accounts (okay, maybe I have), but yes, there have been a few times my perfect eyesight has made me smile to myself, such as when I’m able to read signage many feet away or when I find myself looking for my glasses before the realization hits me. Preparing in the morning has become much easier as I could groom myself away from the mirror and my glasses don’t get in the way of my facial and hair products.

The procedure took about 15 minutes. It was uneventful except that the wait at the surgery area took more than an hour, and half the time, there was a boy in one of the operating rooms going full Exorcist-Linda Blair on the doctors and staff. He was shrieking about how painful and itchy his eyes were and they were these throaty, almost gastric, cries of agony that gave me headache and the chills. (It seemed like a different eye surgery, not Lasik.)

“Nakaka-stress!” I turned to the other patient beside me. She looked like she was about to pass out.


I don’t miss my glasses now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be pa-hipster and wear non-prescription glasses at some point, haha.

My ordeal was nowhere near as sensational (thankfully) and although painless, I wouldn’t say it was as easy-breezy as I expected. I imagined I’d just lie down, stare into the light and voila!—but in reality, I was uncomfortable with what they call a suction ring, which was clamped around my eye as the laser created a flap on my cornea. I still flinch at the idea of having to experience that again, but as I reminded myself, this was still called a surgery after all. During the rest of the procedure, I would feel a stinging sensation at random, but the vision-correction laser itself and the cleaning and closure of the cornea, were virtually painless. I didn’t watch any of the Lasik procedures on YouTube, but when I finally did after my surgery (just to understand what actually went on in detail), my knees turned to jelly, haha. Though now that I think about it, maybe I should have viewed them prior so that I could have tempered my expectations.

Immediately after the surgery, I was able to stand and walk into the waiting room. I was tearing nonstop and the lights were blinding me, but in the few seconds that I opened my eyes, I already had good vision. I could read the signs which were all around the room, which I couldn’t make out just minutes earlier. Heck, I finally saw the face of the guy just across me (hindi pala cute, lol). I was given protective eyewear and a package of eye drops and sent my way home.

During lunch and on the way home, I had my eyes closed most of, if not, all the time due to extreme light sensitivity. Good thing Ma and my sis were with me, because I initially planned on doing this alone since I could go home using Uber anyway, but for the first few hours, I just wanted to close my eyes entirely. The eye center advises patients to sleep the first three hours off, but I couldn’t despite trying, so I was just on my bed listening to podcasts. The stinging only subsided on the sixth hour though a grainy sensation remained throughout. By the seventh hour, I was already blogging and using my mobile phone and laptop, and the improvement was beginning to snowball. I went to bed early, got eight hours of sleep, and woke up feeling refreshed. I returned to the center for the first of my succeeding checkups: my visual acuity is now 20/15, which means it’s better than the standard 20/20. There’s just an inflammation on my right eye, which doesn’t bother me at all and which should be resolved by the eye drops. My family and I remained in the mall the entire day and I resumed most of my normal activities by the second day. The rest, like exercise, will have to wait for a week.

* * * *

This is actually quite the bumili-lang-ng-suka story. Though I’ve been tinkering with the idea of having Lasik, I was not planning to do it this soon. I originally wanted to buy a mirrorless camera and then weeks after agonizing over it (and letting Mercury retrograde pass), I finally made a decision and went to the camera store only to learn it was out of stock. In the process of assuaging my feelings (lol), I realized that half of my camera budget would already cover Lasik, so I thought I might as well spend on something a lot more sensible and which, on many levels, would be a lifestyle improvement #adulting. The next day, I made an appointment for the eye screening, and the rest, as they say, is history.

PS: I still want the camera, lol. #notadulting


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