May stats

And just like that we’re halfway through 2017.

May had been pretty eventful: I got a nice pair of new eyes and the family has a new dog, who I only got to meet this weekend. His formal name is Antoine, but we all call him Prince and he is a mix of a pomspitz and shitzu. We’ve always had large Japanese spitzes until Pa rescued an Askal, named, Choco, who’s about medium size. Prince is soo tiny, though he’s only three months old, and we’re not sure if he’s going to grow any larger. I’m not used to a toy dog because I feel like I can crush him anytime I get gigil. I can’t help it—he’s extreeeemely cute and we always gush about how he scurries off because of how his butt jiggle and bounce. He seems pretty sweet too, though he was naughty enough to take revenge on Choco’s growls of threat by pooping on his water bowl while Choco was away. We don’t know how we’d make the two friends with each other. I read this lengthy article on how you’re supposed to introduce a new dog to an older family dog, but it would have taken too much effort to pass on the instructions to my parents.

Pa had his worst COPD attack around two weeks ago. COPD is a chronic lung disease and though we’re lucky that he has survived this long without being hooked to an oxygen 24/7, I’m dreading the idea that it’s going to be a possibility soon. While he can still go out of the house and run errands for himself, he probably has the lifting strength of a 6-year-old; there is a growing list of things which he couldn’t do anymore. I still get shocked by how emaciated he looks; it’s not something I’ll get used to seeing. But he’s back to feeling normal since the attack and he and Prince are now thick as thieves—they even sleep together, which means we don’t get to play with Prince late at night.

Papa P and I celebrated our fifth month together on Sunday—technically, I shouldn’t include it here because it’s June. We ate half a chicken, pinakbet, chicken sisig, and four cups of rice between the two of us, lol. Last week, we had THREE cups of rice each during one spectacular dinner, and yes, I’ve been noticing that, as he himself complains, he’s getting… um, portlier. But I’ve always loved meat on my bones, so I’ve been nonstop in giving him positive affirmations, lol. I’ve also reached my heaviest weight in early May—around 180lbs or 5lbs shy of my target weight—but lost around 5lbs when I took the time off from the gym post Lasik.

We’ve taken to reminiscing about our first date and our first impressions of each other. I said he looked like a conyo frat boy (and who I thought was from DLSU because he wore Animo green, lol), who had no interest in me. (Which is why I didn’t text him again; but according to him, he was already ehem, very attracted to me, which is why he was the first one to text me after our date—ah, all these dating rules.) So having already known that he liked me on our first date, I fished for compliments when I asked him what his first impressions of me were. His reply: “Bratinella. And a princess.”


Of course, now I know he’s far from conyo—he likes eating street grubs, speaks straight Tagalog, and is far from a snob, though his frat boy tendencies come out whenever he’s driving. I’m not sure if his first impressions of me have changed since, lol. (Maybe, “reinforced” is the correct word here. And I’m reminded again of the Languages of Love.)

I’m still reading Satanic Verses (I have a month to go with four chapters left, though I started this in May) and watching American Gods, both of which are tough to love and continue. (PS: Thanks to Tatin for my copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.) My reliable torrent website has been shut down so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see the rest of Fire Island. I managed to complete Survivor, but felt meh about the entire thing, save for the dramatic outing of Zeke. There was not much angst going around since they invited all former outcasts who all understood that lying and backstabbing are essential to the game. Drag Race is still ongoingI was heartbroken over Valentina’s exit, though she deserved it in that episode. I’m rooting for Sasha (I see her as payback for Katya’s loss in All Stars), though Trinity would be a good choice, too.


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