It was raining the rest of Monday night, which made it harder to go to the gym, but I made it. We had a new coach—and apparently, part-owner of the box—which made for a very embarrassing small talk on my part: “Oh, you’re new here?” Bitch, he owns this place. He holds the national record for the deadlift and is part of the Philippine Volcanoes, which explains why each of his leg is the size of my chest.

But it was a good workout. I noticed how I’ve been feeling better after each workout since I’ve stopped taking a mass gainer, which by the way, after about four 20lbs bags, I’ve no ‘mass’ to show for. I’d usually drink it in the morning and after a workout, but I would be extremely tired and out of breath on my way home (versus energized after a good workout). I’m not sure if it was messing with my kidneys or other internal organs. I’ve stopped drinking it for more than a week now and I feel a lot better.

So last Monday, after running 400m (which has such a relative breeze compared to when I first started), he had us do bear crawls and crab walk as part of the warm up. That wiped me out. Before starting, I saw our partner WOD, which was five rounds of 12 ring rows + 12 pushups with a 7-minute cap, and thought it was fairly easy and I wondered out loud what the catch was because these WODs are never easy. The warm up was the catch. I partnered with Carlo for the first time and we managed to finish in 5 minutes, all my fault, because I eventually had to split my rows into two because they were hurting my arms badly, while he didn’t need any breaks. After that we had to individually do seven goblet squats every minute for 10 minutes, with a recommended kettlebell of 24kg. I ran out of the lighter KBs, so I used 20kg, the heaviest that our group used. I could barely lift the thing to my chest, much less squat with it, so I only managed to do eight rounds of 5 squats, one round of rest (lol), and a final round of 7 squats. Then we had more time left so the coach had us do six 1-minute planks, which I did correctly only the first minute as I kept collapsing the rest of the time after having given my all in the workout.

I abhor the traffic in Chino Roces and Kalayaan—too many cars with too many stoplight. You’re never moving for longer than 10 seconds. Class ended at 7:30 p.m., and after cooling down and showering, I made it home only at 9 p.m. Ma is in Manda for the first time in two weeks, so I had a nice home-cooked dinner waiting for me at home, which more than made up for the night traffic.


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