Aside 071217

Sniffling this morning

Wow, ang bilis. Mr Porter delivery is already on its way and scheduled for tomorrow. (Seriously, how does it get from London to Manila in less than 48 hours? Unless they’re actually shipping from Singapore?) Nakaka-addict, haha. I now want a Saint Laurent court classic SL/01 sneaker in black leather, which is not on sale, so that’s not good, lol.

It was my first time to go to the gym in five days, so I was gasping for breath during warmup. It was another partner WOD—and it seems it will remain this way because of the number of new members, which seem to be growing every week—and it was me and Carlo again. In 30 minutes, we had to do six rounds of an accumulated 50 walking lunges, 50 pushups, and 4 rope climbs, with each doing 5 reps of the WL /PU and 1 rep of the RC while the other rests, then switching. Since only Carlo could do the rope climb—I still have troubling with my foot work and going down—I had to do a scaled version (rope walk-ups), which was equivalent to 3 reps for every 1 rope climb. The box record that day was 15 minutes. We finished at 19:35 which was only good for third place in our class alone. I actually had to scale down my pushups too by the third round because my biceps had given up on me.

After working out, I didn’t have plans for dinner, so I decided to try Lugawan sa Tejeros, which I’ve been wanting to go to since my PDI days, meaning for almost two decades! I approached the place with trepidation—I was really expecting a run-down place with jeepney drivers milling about in all four corners of the stall—but I found tables and and a number of professionals. I still ended up eating on the counter, but it was exciting to watch the heat of the action. (Literally: there was a giant cauldron of lugaw across me.) Orders were coming in nonstop, but the staff was efficient and we did not have to wait for more than 1 minute to get our food. Dishes are immediately cleared, the next customer sits down, and everyone is happy.

I ordered two bowls, lol. A few more details on my Instagram post!

Remaining budget until the next payday, which is tomorrow (woohooo!) and excluding the Mr Porter purchase: P780. 😅


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