Aside 071417

Sore core and shoulders, but I feel good

First time I finished first in our class during a partner WOD, woohoo! (And yey, I did three consecutive days of gym.) And it was the same workout that I finished first on my own, many moons ago: rowing, hahaha. Partnered with Leonard yesterday, and since we both have long legs—plus, he’s really good with endurance and metabolic workouts—we ended up with a time of 12:49, a few seconds ahead another duo. The complete workout was three rounds of simultaneous 50 20lbs medicine ball floor press and 500m for each person and then switching, for a time cap of 15 minutes. Earlier, we had to do three 95lbs high hang power cleans for five rounds. For some reason, I could feel that the weight was taking a toll on my body on the deadlift alone, which was strange because I’ve done this workout with the same weight before, with even more reps and rounds. I could barely explode on my jump to lift the weight up my chest—I failed the last rep during the fourth round, but I focused on perfecting my form on the final round and made it alive, haha. My biceps hurt like hell—but the good kind, the type that you know you put in the hard work without injuring yourself.

After working out, I headed to PDI to fetch Pam for dinner because guess what—we wanted to eat at Lugawan, haha. We had to hover behind this trio of beshies for about 10 minutes because the place was packed and seats were hard to come by—it was raining again so only the counter space was available. (Notably, a former colleague private-messaged me on Instagram to say that she went to the place after I posted about it and that it was the “bomb!!!” Love it! #influencer #lol)

As usual Pam ordered a feast, lol. We had four—FOUR—goto with egg and lechon kawali, plus pansit palabok (I wouldn’t recommend this), lumpiang togue (we didn’t get to eat this because we were so full), and another extra order of lechon kawali for Pam, lol. Ang dami din chika, ang saya, haha.

It was tricky to walk back to PDI because of the pools of floodwater and mud—we were supposed to further proceed to Mcdonald’s on foot—so we took her car instead for the remaining um, 400m? 😅, and I got to say hello to Morty. She had a McFlurry and I had a hot fudge sundae and we got to talk more about podcasts, racial politics (naks), VP Leni, and furniture #titasofManila. I was home by 11:30 p.m. 💜


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