Sign the petition to lift Grab, Uber suspension

Because we are a backwards country, the LTFRB will begin apprehending Grab and Uber drivers who do not have franchises on July 26. According to James Deakin, once enforced, both companies will only get to operate at 10-percent capacity or service only two out of 10 passengers, which is also pretty much the standard odds that a regular taxi would magnanimously agree to take on a passenger on a regular day.

These drivers do not have franchises because the LTFRB rejected half of their applications early this year and has stopped processing new ones since. If its outdated regulations were to be enforced, it said, it would have already shut down both companies. But since the interest of the riding public “overrides” this provision, said one LTFRB board member (essentially discrediting the actions LTFRB has taken against Grab and Uber), it only leveled a P5 million penalty on both companies, plus the implementation of this franchise rule. The franchise rule, by the way, does not serve the public any purpose BECAUSE GRAB AND UBER HAVE BEEN WORKING PRETTY MUCH CLOSE TO PERFECTION IN THIS COUNTRY AS THE PAST YEARS HAVE SHOWN. The LTFRB is merely driving a wedge between this functional relationship1 when it could do far more productive things like FIXING THE PROBLEM THAT IS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN THIS COUNTRY.

Sign the petition here: Calling for Urgent Action to Finally Lift the TNVS Suspension



  1. Aside from personal convenience, I use Uber to ferry my senior-citizen parents between doctor appointments when my sister and I could not take a day off work. 

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