Different times, indeed

A basketful of sneezed-in tissues and counting

Yesterday was a blur. After being excited all morning for Game of Thrones1, which by the way, I have yet to see because #PLDTMyDSL, it was announced that The Philippine Daily Inquirer will be sold to Ramon Ang, a known supporter and campaign donor of Duterte.

It’s hard to imagine that the legacy of the country’s newspaper of record was ever lost on the Prietos, so I consider this a downfall—it had to have been wrung out of their hands. Ang has released a statement saying he “will continue to uphold (PDI’s) highest journalistic standards” though I wish there was more stress on integrity because the phrase could also mean that there are many, and perhaps, other criteria that comprise journalism excellence.

In a Facebook entry, Ed Lingao likens it to the time when The Manila Times was sold by the Gokongweis after immense pressure was placed on it by then President Estrada. (We all know what The Manila Times is now: a dirt rag.)  Although he goes on to say that the paper’s many outstanding journalists went on to spread their roots elsewhere, a silver lining. “These are, to be sure, the best of times, and the worst of times,” he concludes.


I was literally sedentary from Friday night to Monday morning, save for the few minutes I spent on walking around the house or getting in and out of P’s car, so Monday night’s workout was a tough one. For the first part, we did six rounds of 12 95lbs deadlift, though I sat out the fifth round because my head was starting to spin and I was afraid I was going to faint any minute. I did finish the sixth round but I knew I was done: I had trouble catching my breath for the rest of the class. For the WOD, it was teams of three for three rounds of simultaneous 40 box jumps and 30 kettlebell high pull, with one teammate resting. All switch stations until everyone gets to do all three and that’s one round. Time cap of 12 minutes 😑. I partnered up with Leonard and Gelo and they were nice enough to give me the first rest period. No one had finished this WOD, even from the morning classes, so I didn’t even bother calculating the breakdown for each round. We ended up finishing 1 round plus 55 reps, because jeezus, who can do 40 box jumps in one minute?!?! For myself, I only got to do 40 box jumps and 45 kettlebells in total. I don’t think I managed to go back to my normal breathing pattern until I was already in bed at home.


I’m wearing a millennial pink Mickey Mouse tshirt. Ma found it really cute. It is cute!



  1. By the way, I have awesome people I’m following online (or at least those I’ve not muted, lol)—no spoilers! 

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