July 27, 2017

10:01 a.m.
Beautiful, beautiful 8 hours of sleep

I’m drenched. My shirt is wet from the shoulders down my back and so are my jeans from the knees down; my shoes and socks are drenched—I’ve taken them off (good thing I have spare shoes here in the office), but I doubt they’ll dry by the time I go to the gym. I wish I stayed home, but none of my teammates texted me to say they’re not reporting for work, so I felt I had no choice. (Plus, almost everyone else is here in the office.)

I didn’t have dinner last night, which partly explains why I slept early and got my blissful 8 hours of sleep. I had noodles with beef and wanton an hour before working out, so I was still full by the time we finished, though my stomach started grumbling one hour after I got home. (The only time I wished I still have protein shake.) Gio invited me for dinner with two other Crossfitters , but since I had an early day—I was awake by 4 a.m.—I had to take a rain check.

I weighed myself this morning: I am now 171lbs—where did my 9lbs go? I was just 3lbs shy my ideal weight when I stopped drinking protein, but now I’m back to where I started. I didn’t even retain any of the weight I gained from drinking the mass gainer. Though my shirts fit better and many in the gym have been remarking on my shoulders, which they say got bigger, so I’m not sure if I lost fat pounds but gained a bit of muscle weight. Legs are still depressingly thin—it must be in the genes.

Yesterday’s workout:

Four minutes – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
Hollow hold
Superman hold

Three rounds, 12min cap
25 jumping pull ups
25 floor dips
50 sit-ups (jeezus)

Eight rounds
Squats – hold for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds (jeezus)

Notes: For the second part, I only finished two rounds plus 50 reps.

11:29 p.m.
If a year ago, you told me I would be wearing my wet socks and shoesnotwithstanding my blistersthen go straight to the gym after work in the pouring rain, I would say you’re crazy. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t believe it earlier either; I’ve no idea where I’m drawing this new motivation from. I feel like I’ve broken a new wall, the one that kept me trapped in self-doubt and general malaise. Maybe I’ll dig deeper in a later entry, but I suppose all articles I have read and keep reading about middle age and exercise have helped. And also, just wanting… change. If it weren’t for my workouts, I’ll have lot less to write about. I wouldn’t have any new experiences or even social interactions beyond my circle of family, friends, and colleagues, which have become very predictive, although there’s comfort in that, too. I have this new avenue wherein I can push myself and see where I can go, both physically and mentally. I could have gone home at 5:30 p.m., taken a hot shower, finaaally dried my feet, and snuggled up in a blanket while watching movies; instead, I went in the opposite direction—that’s mental. And there were still a good number of people at the gym, too, which in itself was highly motivating; excuses are harder to come by.

Today’s workout:

Five rounds
Five back squats at 115lbs every 2mins

Air squats
Hollow hold

2mins rest

Air squats
Glute bridge

2mins rest

Air squats
Superman hold

Notes: During BSQ, Coach noted that I should put the weight on my heel; thanks to Anton, the three of us—he, Emman and I—were able to do 135lbs on the last round. Did between 9 and 11 air squats every 20 seconds; struggled on the last two superman hold.



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