Sunday, July 30, 2017

10:43 p.m.

Just returned from Laguna after spending the weekend with P. Together, we spent over P5,000 for the overnight jaunt *shocked. Why was it this expensive? I also survived not eating junk food or drinking soda and iced tea. I haven’t told P about this resolution which I made (again) last week, so while I was in the restroom and he was doing grocery, he got me my favorite chips. When I returned, he had already paid for them. So I bought myself apples as snack, plus soy milk and oatmeal for the house. It was torture to be in the hotel as he ate what would have been my chips one bag after the other, haha (Calbee’s Honey Butter Potato Chips is the best 💛💛💛). For dinner, we had chopsuey and lumpiang shangai at Classic Savory, then for lunch the next day, it was bulalo and pinakbet at Kaldo (usually, we’ll have liempo or sisig). I am trying to, once again, not necessarily eat 100-percent healthy, but be more cautious. But for sure, I’ll be stricter about cutting off soda and chips completely. (Calbee, 😭😭😭)

As usual, I had a lot of sleep. P finally hit send on that resignation letter, which he’d been wanting to do for weeks. I thought he had no choice, based on his stories and the email threads he showed me. Stories like his make me recognize how lucky I have been with my work. He’s a licensed engineer who earns only [redacted]! And it’s such a stressful job; the project management he’s done and continues to do is something I’ve never experienced in my entire 13-year career.

Texting with P now—told him I’m writing on my journal now1, which is the first time he’s learned that I have one. He asked when he’d be able to read it, I said when I’m dead. Which reminds me, he’s not included in my final instructions yet.


  1. This online version is not the journal; I have another one which is more detailed and honest—not that this version isn’t honest, just incomplete. 👼 So when I write ‘redacted,’ it truly is redacted from the journal. 

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