Wednesday, August 02, 2017

10:32 a.m.

Yesterday’s workout:

14 deadlifts at 95lbs every 1.5 minutes for five rounds

Partner workout
(Five rounds, 20min cap)
Row 500m
21 dumbbell (20lbs) push press

*working simultaneously, then switch

Notes: Finished my last 500m row a few seconds before the time elapsed, but there was still the last switch remaining. Gelo and I finished the workout anyway, with him doing the row, and me the push press. Never managed to do an unbroken push press, always had to break it down to two.


Learned last night that a childhood neighbor—this guy, whose head I smashed onto a hanging flower pot1—has died due to a heart disease. I don’t have the details except that his family tried to admit him to the city’s government hospital, but he was at number 100. We last got to talking during the wake for our former landlady whom I’ve written about. Having the same age as mine, he asked me if I’ve settled down, as he had, and told me he was now based in Pampanga. I remember there was a hint about the economic disparity between us, that he admired how I looked and dressed in my corporate wear, such that from then on (he stayed with my former landlady’s family for a few days since they are relatives), I was embarrassed for him to see me ride/get off my Uber as he milled about his relatives’ sari-sari store.

Ma and I are planning to go the wake tonight.

  1. He was daring me, “Sige, untog mo ulo ko, sige!” So I did. Several times. 

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