Monday, August 07, 2017 (updated)

The Amazing World of Gumball

8:55 a.m.
I didn’t have time to write on my journal over the weekend: P whisked me out of town on Saturday afternoon and we got back in Manila on Sunday night. I had been extremely sleepy the past two days—P kept turning over his bed throughout Saturday night to early Sunday morning, so I didn’t get straight hours of sleep. Then he was awake/he woke me up by 8 a.m. He went out to buy breakfast in Jollibee, then he slept until 2 p.m., while I checked my phone (though barely) and watched one of the most amazing cartoons I’ve seen on TV—The Amazing World of Gumball. (Cartoon Network did a marathon of it throughout Sunday.) I couldn’t wrap my head around how sick (in a good way) the characters and storylines are. The first episode I saw was about how Gumball’s fish, Darwin, got lost in the ocean, and Darwin had to trek through deserts, jungles, and cliffs to get back to the family home. No explanation whatsoever how a fish could survive out of the water—it just was, lol. It even grew a pair of legs, so now, throughout the storyline, Darwin walks around the house and neighborhood, lol. It also kept playing this flashback of how the family came together: both parents—the father’s a rabbit and the mom is a cat, lol—ran away from home, got pregnant out of wedlock, and married against their parents’ wishes. In another episode, the mom, frustrated by the chaos that was her family one dinnertime, imagined how different her life would have been if she married a different person. In one of those fantasies, she married well and was ultra-rich and filled with Botox and silicon injections, lol. Of course, she wasn’t happy, so she ended up realizing that she made the right decision. I thought it was extremely progressive and creative (there were testimonials from the kids in one of the ads). It reminds me of one episode of Powerpuff Girls, wherein the girls had to battle fake news, haha. There’s also another cartoon, Bare Bears, which I once saw tackle bullying. (And I just read this nice article about it, Balancing Comedy With Melancholy In We Bare Bears.) I love how the creatives are doing their part in righting this crazy world.

2:45 p.m.
I’m reeling from the announcement of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s separation. None of this would have mattered to me a month ago, but since then, I’ve subscribed to her podcast and I’ve been recently going through her archives, wherein she talks a lot about Chris and their relationship, including how they met; his first pick-up line (it was so lame, about their astrological signs being a match); being parents to their son, Jack; and recently, how Chris’s rocket to A-list status changed the dynamics in their relationship (mostly due to outside interference, e.g., celebrity gossip mill and the paparazzi). Anna once recounted how, during a trivia night party at Kate Hudson’s, Anna had a mini-breakdown because she was so bad at it and Chris, like a knight in shining armor, as she described it, came to her rescue and essentially let everyone know that it was the game that sucked. Overall, I got the sense that they’re Hollywood outsiders who prefer quiet nights at home.

This is heartbreaking. This is why you shouldn’t get attached to people, #loljk.


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